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. he was joined by his wife, paul ryan and former new york mayor rudy giuliani and house speaker john boehner. >> bringing real change is not something that i just talk about, it's something they've done and that is something i will do with your help. >> romney warns that there could be another government shut down if president obama is re-elected. >>> voters in some parts of florida are waiting as long as four hours to cast their ballots early. this comes after governor scott reduced the window when early voted is allowed. >>> we want to show you some of the key battleground states critical to both candidates. we have them highlight on the map for you. let's break down what is happen in the states. the polls giving the president at least a four point lead over mitt romney in at least five states. you can see nevada and new hampshire giving president obama a six point lead, virginia and michigans have mitt romney trailing by five. iowa voters have it narrowed to a four point margin n colorado it's a little harder to track because there are two dualing polls there. and then there are t
is down. the un-ment employment rate is up to 7.9%. now, the romney campaign said the johns report is a sad remainder that we are at&t standstill--that we are at&t standstill. and here is president bahama. he started with the positive. >> this were morn--this morning we learned that companies added more jobs in october. >> reporter: both president obama and mitt romney are campaigning in ohio today. >>> a new washington post poll is suggesting that the race for the white house is still neck in neck. 49% of likely voters nationwide support president obama. 48% say they are voting for theman challenger, mitt romney. and election workers say if-off a vote by mail ballot, you need to take it in by hand or any polling place on election day. that is because for votes to count they have to be received by 8:00 p.m. on tuesday. a postcard showing it was mailed before tuesday is not good enough. >>> it is 8:16 boat owners are being warned to look occupant for activity after a--look out for activity after a series of boat thefts. six boths were stolen last month. here is a picture of a boat
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2